人工知能、AIロボット、IOT(モノのインターネット)の時代:第4回 「人工知能が記事を書いてくれる



人工知能、AIロボット、IOT(モノのインターネット)の時代:第4回 「人工知能が記事を書いてくれる

先月末のことです。朝メールをチェックするとPayPalからメールが送られてきました。メールの件名は”You sent an automatic payment of $119.76 USD”。内容をみてみると、1年前に利用しようかと一度は考えて申し込んだけれど、他の会社にしたアメリカのホスティング会社からでした。キャンセルして、そのとき返金してもらい、ちゃんとメールまでもらっていたのに、自動引落で4000バーツ近くも引かれていました。原因はPayPalでの自動引落がキャンセルされていなかったからでした。PayPalの自動引落は自分でキャンセルしないといけなかったらしいです。知りませんでした。悪いのは知らなかった私です。


ホスト会社との交渉で、ライブチャットで英語で交渉したのですがふと、人工知能のチャットボットのことを思い出し、私がチャットしてる相手は人間ではないのかもしれないと思い始めてしまいました。そこで、”Are you AI or Human ?"と質問してしまいました。そうしたら、相手からはあいまいな回答が返ってきました。もしかしたら、人工知能だったのかもと思ってます。

さて、今回ご紹介するのは、キーワードを指定すると人工知能が記事を書いてくれる ”Articoolo”(http://articoolo.com/)


”Staying in a service apartment in Bangkok is an excellent option to staying in conventional hotels. There are plenty
numerous reasons why reserving a serviced apartment is better,but among the reasons of all is they're all guest favorable.Serviced apartments run and work just like any resort in Bangkok and you do not have to sign a rent if you're a tourist rather than staying for more then several months. To ensure you can select to remain a day or two, a couple weeks, or till your visa expires.You get the same cordiality as a complete service hotel like dailyhousekeeping, reception help desk and security.

You can find even pools, physical fitness centers, massage parlorsand restaurants supplied for guest use. Most newer properties are equipped with flat screen televisions with DVD/CD players.There exists even a little kitchen with furnishings for them who need to cook themselves a meal. Access to the internet is supplied,whether wireless or LAN, are nearly always a part of the room rates.Serviced flats in Bangkok are guest friendly, which indicates they do not charge additional fees for encouraging guests to their rooms
for an overnight remain. A large proportion of hotel in Bangkok charge what called a joiner fee to guests when they do thus.
Joiner fees typically vary from 500 Baht to one thousand Baht, depending upon the hotel's set policy. This is the main distinction between a most hotels and serviced flats in Bangkok. There are various serviced apartments operating in Bangkok today, but the most famous names are Centre Point
and Citadines. Center Point presently has 7 locations dispersed through the industrial districts of central Bangkok. Though Center Point has been around for a while they periodically update their properties,especially the rooms to maintain their quality high. Citadines is just a newer name in the serviced residence market presently with 5 positions clustered within Sukhumvit.

  Since their places are between the red light districts of Nana and Soi Cowboy they stay a favorite accommodation option for visitors all around the world. Since Centre Point and Citadines are guest friendly serviced residences you must nevertheless book the room for two. Doing so may guarantee you get additional breakfast coupons
for the companion which are already included in the room rates. Many travellers who remain at Bangkok's serviced apartments for the very first time are pleasantley surprised at the value and quality for the amount they paid.




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